So I have really vivid dreams and I hate them. I wake up exhausted and I need a few moments to sort out what’s real and what was a dream. Occasionally I get my dream memories and real memories mixed up. I’m not a lucid dreamers which is when you know you are dreaming and can “control” your dreams. My dreams just seem REALLY real and I remember them in A LOT of detail. Anyways, here are some places from my dream memories.Ā 


The first one was

The doll house

Became a real house

Just a foyer

With a big wrap around balcony

Stairs descend onto

Black and white tiles


An imposing

Brown door


The dancing cats were all around

Looking down from above

They wore matching uniforms

Tutus and marching jackets

Grey cats

With yellow and black eyes


Then there was the tugboat

Where there were excellent conversations

But with a serious tone

I felt truly at peace

Enjoyed the company of

The familiar strangers

Then I woke up


Across the street there lies

A plaza

Like the real one

But better

Deserted just the same

Boulangerie never quite open

The handbag store

Only viewed from the window


But the cafe

Oh the cafe

Cozy corners

Hidden from strangers

Free from eyes

And a ladder in the back

A secret crawl space

Made just for being comfy

Like a treehouse

But better

Never figured out how

To bring my drinks up


Always with the hidden spaces

Like the one in the back of closets

I always check to see if it’s there

It usually is

Last night it was boarded up

I walked through the other doorway

And then

It became part of a school

Still under renovations though


There was the Italian city with the plaza

In the chaos after a bomb in the city center

I ran through the ghetto


The Paris had a museum

It was literal garbage

Just so much junk

I played the piano amongst a room of pianos

Rooms connected with a tight staircase

You descended floor by floor until

You exit

The gift shop was shit

I remember the other dream from that night too

The memory has the same aura


The lofts

I really like hidden sleeping areas

Even for the houses of my captors


It was dumb when I hid from the baddies

In the gym

Up on a shelf

Behind basket balls

But at least I wasn’t shot


The skiing is dangerous

Don’t go skiing

You will likely meet

Your demise

Pistes only 2 ft wide


There was the time there was a big ball

I was ditched by my best friend

That’s a real fear

But then I befriended Harry styles

That’s a real dream


There’s a short cut to Ithaca

But you have to drive through an unmarked forest

There’s a stretch of nothingness

Fake suburbia

With farms

Holding dark secrets

But if you can find your way

You’ll need to drive up the steepest hill

It’s unpaved

Better bring your 4×4



The giggle waters

Were terrifying

Where was the land

Everything was bathed in

A bright cerulean


There was the time I was on the run

But man, Iā€™m always on the run


My mom said she was going to buy me a bunny

Terrible idea

Friends house next to the water

Moss green

Next to two shops

Light blue

One of which sells expensive sportswear

Tried to buy a retractable backyard tie for the dog

Boy made of water emerges from the jacuzzi

Then I was in a theatre group

Oh and the part where I had an awkward dinner

With a boy I’ve never met

He’s real though

Ended with a concert in a Shakespearean venue

Terrible band

This was all in one night



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