How to Clean Your Casper Dog Bed

How to Clean Your Casper Dog Bed

Bloo has peed on her mattress (by accident! I jumped out at her when we were playing and she was so surprised she wet herself haha) and today she puked on it! Usually if you catch “spills” quickly, you can mop them up. However, this puke that she spread around like peanut butter all over her bed soaked through right to the memory foam.

The Casper mattress is only sorta washable. That’s what you get for paying $$$$… The memory foam isn’t washable and you can’t really wipe it clean because the foam disintegrates. WAHOO!

This is how I cleaned up the stinky mess.

Step 1

Unzip the mattress cover and put that in the wash with a good helping of Borax. I can’t tell you how much, but I literally just took the box and shook it out until everything was covered in the stuff. If you can put together the mattress, you can take it apart. Make sure you get out all 5 pieces of foam.

Step 2

Unzip the white foam covering. There’s a zipper shoved in a corner so you may need to stick your fingers in there and wiggle it out. Put this covering in the wash too!

Step 3

Wash with warm water NOT hot. Shrinkage would be v. v. bad because the pieces of the bed are snug as it is.

Step 4

While everything is in the wash. It is time to conquer the foam. DO NOT RUB OR SCRUB AT THE FOAM. I made this mistake. Little foam pieces went everywhere. I don’t always trust wash instructions because sometime they lie. But sometimes they don’t. In this situation, this foam REALLY ISN’T WASHABLE.

Knead the spot with some paper towel like you NEED this stench to go away. Knead like you NEED your dog not to do this again.

Step 5

Sprinkle baking soda on the wet spot. Godspeed to you if ‘spot’ is ‘spots’. YOU’RE DOING GREAT!!

Step 6

Spritz area with rubbing alcohol. I used my $3.99 organic lavendar hand sanitizer spray because it’s all I had. However, the bonus was that it made the whole situation smell a whole lot better! 😀 Besides, it’s not like I used a lot of the stuff.

Step 7

Hope that everything comes out of the washing machine smelling okay. If not, try rewashing the outer cover.


Good luck!

x. kl


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