Mental Wellness Month on BooItsBloo

Mental Wellness Month on BooItsBloo

Chances are that you know at least one person afflicted with one of the above conditions. The reality is, 20% aka 1 in 5 people have, or will have, a serious mental disorder at some point in their life. It’s only now that we are working towards removing the stigma behind mental illness and breaking down barriers to get help. But it’s still not easy. Any part of having mental illness is hard. It’s hard to talk about. Hard to seek help. Hard to watch someone suffer. Hard to understand. And before our doctors can help us, we need research to happen.

One of the best organizations who grants money to scientists and researches is the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. This month on Instagram I’ll be encouraging others to consider donating. I want to do this to raise awareness about something that affects me and many others I know, on a daily basis.

Bloo, my dog, is here with me now because I needed the health benefits that come with dog ownership. She is (will be) my emotional support animal (ESA). I know that the term is a little controversial because there’s grey area between what is an ESA and what is a service animal. It also, understandably, sounds a little cuckoo to those who don’t understand the science behind how animals can provide psychological benefits. However, if there was a drug, meditation, magic hat, whatever, that could calm my anxiety down as quickly and efficiently as being near a dog, I wouldn’t be here typing this out today.

For more about why I’m doing this giveaway



Two tickets to see Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour in concert in Toronto.

Your CHOICE between August 3 or August 4 2018.

AND!!! I’m willing to trade the tickets I have purchased for myself with you if you want to upgrade your seats. Will it be upper balcony, lower bowl, or FLOOR seats?? The choice is up to YOU.* I bought these tickets on the first day of the pre-sale and hand-picked them so you can rest assured that they are all good seats with full view (unobstructed view of stage, minimal number of people in-front of you**).

(And hopefully, I’ll be rounding up some 2nd and 3rd place prizes as well! Prizes are TBD. Will be suitable for those who aren’t interested or can’t attend our grand prize.)

EDIT: According to our polls the idea of a “Dog Walking Pack” from a top Canadian athleisure store is popular so I’ll be gathering some stuff from them. 



In order to qualify you must (1) make a minimum $5 donation to one of these four charities and (2) you must be following us on Instagram.

Save Our Scruff: A Toronto based dog rescue organization who rescues dogs from all over the world.

The Me Too Movement: Because it’s a movement that’s really changing the conversation. Because it is time that we turned the conversation on the perpetrators and away from the victims. Other charities of your choice that support women’s rights can also be submitted.

Plan International’s Girl Fund: “Women’s rights are human rights!” “The future is female!” But it all starts with empowering girls.

The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation: Because understanding mental illness is something that needs happen.



Email your receipt/screenshot to with the SUBJECT: BLOO’S BIG REPUTATION GIVEAWAY. Donations must be made after December 6, 2017.

Also include your Instagram username.

If you choose to participate in the bonus option of getting 5 new friends to follow us, please reply to your original email (or include in the body) with their usernames.



+3 entries for being one of our first 3000 followers on Instagram.

+3 for donating to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation in the month of January.

+2 for sharing a story about your relationship with mental wellness.

+1 entry for getting 5 friends to follow us.


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