Pupdate: Puppy is growing up :(

Pupdate: Puppy is growing up :(

Bloo will be 9 months old in a few days.

The whole fam jam went away for a couple weeks during the Christmas holidays. Bloo went to her bff’s house for an extended stay. She had the time of her life hanging out with LOTS of people, Leily (her BFF), going to the dog park everyday, and running free in the snow to her heart’s content. In those two weeks she’s learned a lot of good doggy citizen manners. However, she’s also chilled out a whole lot. My energizer bunny dog now naps without being forced to, doesn’t chew on her blankies when she’s tired, doesn’t chew on your clothes when she wants to cuddle, and is going outside to potty without being supervised.

Puppy is growing up.

I just feel like she grew up while we were away.

Bloo is a really good dog now. I always knew she was a good dog, but now she is respecting boundaries and limits more. It’s nice because I don’t have to worry that she’s going to eat something she’s not supposed to. She still runs away with stolen used tissues she fetches out of the garbage, but it’s a lot less frequent. She reluctantly hands over stolen socks. I am also slowly reintroducing plush toys for her to play with nicely (not methodically shredding).

I knew there would be an end to the madness, but I didn’t know when the beginning of the end would start.

Bloo and I are looking for a job now. Okay, more me. But hopefully wherever I go, she’ll be able to come with me. Everyday we sit in the living room, in front of the fireplace and look at job postings.

Life is good.

What Bloo can do at 9 months:

  • Learn the name of a new toy with only a few repetitions
  • Take herself away to take a nap
  • Is now totally potty trained
  • Wear her booties with no complaints

We will be starting agility classes in a couple weeks. Wish us luck!

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