The Only Make Up Brushes You’ll Ever Need or Want

The Only Make Up Brushes You’ll Ever Need or Want

Until recently I have never liked using make up brushes because

  1. fingers are free;
  2. they require maintenance and fingers are easier to clean;
  3. and the good ones are expensive.

Then I heard about these Elf Cosmetics Beautifully Precise line – yes, I know that the people “in the loop” already know that this is old news. All these brushes have beautiful, triangular clear plastic handles that make them really stand out as unique looking brushes. Additionally, the cruelty-free bristles are SO soft and cut perfectly. They are super functional and the quality is amazing for the price. No shedding or deforming, even after multiple weekly shampoos.

But these brushes have converted me! At least kind of. I still like my fingers a lot. Every one of the brushes I have recommended below are the 👏  defintion 👏 of 👏 innovation 👏.

These brushes are to premium brushes what The Ordinary’s foundations are to premium foundations. This stuff isn’t just good for the price. This stuff is just good.

The brushes that stand out the most to me are the following:


Airbrush Blender (103)

What makes it amazing:

  • density of bristles is PERFETTO
  • …yet fluffy AF
  • angle of bristles

I like using this one for foundation. The flat foundation brushes have never made sense to me because why are you literally painting foundation onto your face as if it were a flat canvas? This is such a nice gentle buffing brush that really gives you an airbrush finish.


Airbrush Stipple (105)

What makes it amazing:

  • literally the perfect size for highlighters and blush
  • the random longer bristles that break up product the perfect amount so you pick up the perfect amount
  • perfect amount of fluff

I’m pretty sure there are more uses for this brush than I can come up with. You can really get creative and vary the amount of pressure you use with this brush to create different looks and for different products.


Sculpting Brush (104)

What makes it amazing:

  • curve of the brush
  • the perfect density for sculpting
  • SO soft

This brush is just so good and so well priced that even if you’re not into contouring, this brush is still for you. You just need to keep it around. Just in case. Use it for massaging your face! Whatever! You need this. And for all the users of Benefit’s Hoola out there is still using the stupid brush that comes with Benefit’s Hoola, girl, you deserve better. This is your better.


Smudge Brush (202)

This is the least used brush out of these for me because eye shadow is still a finger application product for me. However, the shape of this brush is so functional it’s genius.

What makes it amazing:

  • the perfect lil mini domed brush for applying/buffing eye products
  • perfect for cream or liquid products

This is the perfect brush for applying glitter, highlight products in the eye area so you can fully engage in the shimmer trend!


Swirl Foundation Brush

I’m also super into this one which seems like a more functional version of the house paint paintbrush shaped gimmicky “massager brush“. This is the only one I don’t have because it’s new and not available in Canada yet. However, I think that it is a brush that’s worth trying.

What makes it amazing:

  • it’s an affordable “toy” brush that you can experiment with!

I think what makes makeup fun is that there are always new things to try. Who knows? Maybe this will be your new HG brush! I think this would just really really good up smushed up against my face.


Do you have any favorite make-up brushes? Have you tried any of ELF’s brushes or want to? Let me know below!!




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