What’s in my carry-on: Skincare and makeup

What’s in my carry-on: Skincare and makeup

What I bring with me in my toiletries bag is always changing.


1 Sol de Janeiro’s glow oil. I would not normally travel with this because the packaging is so horrendous and if it explodes it will ruin everything, but it’s nearly empty, so hopefully it will all be okay.

2 A sunscreen for every occasion!

-Skinceutical’s physical fusion is my favourite face sunscreen. It doesn’t make me feel     gross like the greasy feeling of a chemical screen breaking down.

-Supergoop every day for my body and the setting spray…I also use for my body when I feel too gross to touch my skin.

-The Brush on Block I love for touching up my face mid-day.

3 Caudalie tinted moisturizer. Sometimes I wear this instead of makeup. It’s like a liquid all-over bronzer.

4 Hand sanitizer. You never know.


1 Sulfate free shampoo because my scalp has been angry with regular shampoos these days. Eczema is no fun.

2 Deodorant for sweet smelling pits.

3 Favourite hand cream for mega-hydration because I need to stay on top of the Eczema that’s flaring up on my finger pads.

4 Bare bones make up essentials. IT Cosmetics under eye concealer, MUFE foundation, Tarte mascara (tbh, not my fave), Milk brow gel, Laura Mercier eye shadow stick, Chanel gloss.

5 Glossier face cleanser. Also sulfate-free.



1. Drunk Elephant minis because if DE works out for you, it WORKS.

2. Beautyblender in pink. Although, I swear the blue one is the best one.

3. Glossier stretch concealer and zit stick.

I love their stretch concealer because it looks like skin, and it’s so easy to apply. The IT cosmetics concealer is a pain, but really does conceal everything, so I use it with the Beautyblender under my eyes when I need to look extra presentable.

The Zit Stick is kind of amazing in terms of its portability. I just love that 1) it works and 2) it frees up space as a replacement for my Benzagel.


4. My sulfate free mini liquid soap for washing my hands in public places.

5. Herbivore’s pink cloud cream

5. Milk Makeup sticks (highlighter, bronzer, blur stick, cooling stick).

6. Albiet shimmer stick (love it as a blush. It’s like NARS’ orgasm.)

7. CBD oil from Calyx Wellness

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