How to wash a goldendoodle (named bloo)

How to wash a goldendoodle (named bloo)

How I manage my high-maintenance dog.

The first thing that people say when they pet bloo for the first time is, “she’s so soft!” And truly, she is. I don’t think I’ve ever touched a creature with more silky soft hair. (Not fur). Her hair is as fine as it gets. It also traps and locks dust better than a swiffer. It is very high maintenance. I bathe her about once a week out of necessity. (She loves walking/wading through mud puddles, always walks through that pile of dead, rotting leaves the neighbours put out too late so they never got picked up, and rolling in skunk poo. Also I’m quite allergic to dust.) Dog hair still ends up all over the house because, even though bloo is nonshedding, I am constantly snipping mats out of her. Constantly. (Brushing or combing causes her too much discomfort anywhere that’s not the head or scruff).

I have gone through every kind of hair brush, short of a Mason Pearson, to find one that won’t damage her hair and cause mats. Once one forms, she’ll lick it and it’s just a downward spiral from there. A couple times a year we even have to snip all her tail fluff off because it’s become one long piece of felt. 

Tangleteezer is great for brushing when she’s 80% dry because it’s gentle and won’t damage her hair when it’s at its most delicate. But the best brush has been a wire wig brush, like the ones they sell for American Girl dolls. 

Okay, so once upon a time I bought this expensive hair conditioner from Sephora because I am a professional product junkie with a problem. Anyways, this conditioner, I swear, is the best conditioner out there. I feel like I’ve been scammed my whole life buying mediocre knockoff “condishuner” because I have seen the light and if I could I would use it daily, but alas, it’s a once a week treat. The shit is as thick as mayonnaise, and somehow it leaves my hair a little more like bloo’s. 

So anyways, it wasn’t until discovering the power of this conditioner that a lightbulb went off and I was like…wait. I should condition bloo’s hair… DUH KAREN. 


So I did and this potion works miracles y’all and me and my dogs life has been changed forever. Bloo was as soft as an angel’s butt. And it prevented a lot of knots from forming.

But again, the stuff is expensive so I have since purchased dog conditioner in both light and heavy formulations. I wet the dog, conditioner her with the light conditioner to free and salvage as many tangles as possible, wash her with our fave dog 2 in 1 shampoo “Buddy Wash” (sometimes I use it too) and then condition her again with the heavy conditioner. And theeennnnnn when she’s about 80% dry I add in about a quarter size dollop of leave in conditioner from Verb (I do this when it’s dry so I avoid getting the product on her skin). When she’s fully dry I use a pump of Verb’s ghost oil on her tail. I concentrate on areas she can’t lick so she won’t eat it.

When she’s fully dry, I do a full brush with my favourite product True Blue’s detangling spray. It’s a great conditioner and doesn’t weigh down bloo’s hair whatsoever.

Oh the life of a bloob. 

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