Is Glossier’s Future Dew a Future-Dupe of this Charlotte Tilbury favorite?

Is Glossier’s Future Dew a Future-Dupe of this Charlotte Tilbury favorite?
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When Glossier launched their Future Dew and I saw all the reviews and pictures, one product came to mind, Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter

Flawless Filter is a “complexion booster”. It’s supposed to blur your imperfections, (for me it kinda accentuates pores if used alone..), be used under or over makeup, as a highlighter, or on its own. Every time I have gotten compliments on my skin, I have been wearing Flawless Filter. It truly does look great on camera, and gives this unbelievably natural looking glow.

I have to say though, that hate the applicator. It’s not the most hygienic design because it’s a giant doe-foot applicator inside a big bottle. It’s like Tarte’s Shape Tape foundation. I usually just take the applicator out and put the product from the tip onto the back of my hand. This turns out to be the perfect amount of product to cover my whole face, so that works out, but I wish it was a pump instead. 

Future Dew is an oil-serum hybrid. I love me a good skincare-makeup hybrid product so I’ve been wanting to try because my favourite skincare YouTuber, Caroline Hirons, raved about this product and she’s the reason I went to get Flawless Filter. 

The only thing that has held me back is my previous experience with buying Glossier launches right away. I have tried almost all of their products and the ones that I love, I LOVE, but the ones that are only okay are pretty forgettable. 

So, today I have swatched for you the two products. In person they are virtually indistinguishable when they have been blended in. The only difference is that Flawless Filter has more pigment in it, so I can make out a little bit more pinky-beige tones and against the underside of my arm, you can tell that it does have some very sheer coverage to it. (I can only tell because Flawless Filter in shade 1 is a little bit darker than the skin on the underside of my arm). 

As it dries down, Future Dew definitely has the same finish as a light facial oil, whereas the Flawless Filter will dry down a little bit more, even though it also contains oil. In no way is Future Dew tacky, it’s just the nature of having an oil base.

The other barely imperceptable difference is that kind of shine it gives. Flawless Filter has more mica in it, so it has more light diffusing properties, creating a more blurred illusion from afar. Future Dew has a more all-over dewiness to it. 

Pricing wise, Future Dew is $24 USD for 30mL and Flawless Filter comes in at $44 for 30mL. 

This experiment has confirmed my suspicion that these two products are similar enough that you definitely don’t need both. If I had to pick, I have a sliigghhtt preference for Flawless Filter. 

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