Fluff yeah! Bringing faux fur back to it’s former fluffin’ glory.

Fluff yeah! Bringing faux fur back to it’s former fluffin’ glory.

Okay, so apparently I have a real weakness for fluffy things from Anthropologie because three out of four of these guides has been for items purchased there.

Here I am again, back by popular demand, for my DIY laundry tips!

This is the item I am reviving today. It’s a lovely reversible, faux fur/faux sherpa robe. It’s not a true faux sherpa because it’s not too cloud puff like, like an actual sheep. Also, faux sherpa is a pain in the ass and looks awful over time. However, I have a guide for how you can make it look less like a sheep left out in the pasture for the past year. The type of faux fur we’re dealing with is more hair-like than wool-like.

I experimented with a gamut of brushes and found that the best tool for fluffin this type of fur up was a boar bristle brush.

With some light, gentle brushing with my boar bristle hairbrush and my beloved True Blue detangling spray, we brought my robe from the worn, chunkified, fur look, to it’s former fluffy glory.

Fur brushed down

The rectangular section along the right is the revived section, with a more uniform fluff. You can see the “chunky” ness of the rest of the robe along the top and left.


Wash with cold water on a delicate cycle. Make sure you don’t use too much detergent, and zero fabric softener. I find fabric softener tends to build up in synthetic fabrics, so just stay away.

Lay flat to dry with the faux fur facing up.


When dry, gently brush with a soft boar bristle brush in one direction, working in small sections (like a square foot or two at a time). No matter what brush you use, make sure you wash it/shampoo it thoroughly first, removing it of hair, dirt and oils.


Mist the area with a spritz of True Blue Conditioner. The conditioner is key to cut down on the static generated by brushing.

I use this conditioner instead of a fabric softener because it has a minimalist ingredient list that is all-natural, and truly, completely weightless. Fabric softeners can also build up in fabrics and end up feeling gross over time.


Run your hands/fingers up and down through the fabric, until the conditioner has dried.

TA DA! The finger fluffed “after”.

I have other restoration guides for:

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