Five Must-Visit Shops in Milan

Five Must-Visit Shops in Milan

I really wanted to show you guys my five favorite places to shop in Milan. After living in Milan for 5 months I have tried my best to explore each neighborhood and its shops. As of right now Milan is my favorite city that I have lived in and shopped in. Andiamo!

Prada‘s Women’s store, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

This store is probably my favorite shop in the world for sentimental reasons. It’s a must-visit for any Prada fan because it’s the original Prada store. In the right of the picture, you can see the original “Fratelli Prada” sign. It is located in the beautiful Vittorio Emanuele Galleria right next to the Duomo. There’s somewhat nondescript staircase that leads you down into Prada World. The furnishings and architectural details are amazing.



Wait and See: Via Santa Marta, 14

I went to this shop at the recommendation of an Italian friend. I am absolutely obsessed. It has the feel of a vintage store, the style is quirky, and if you love the treasure hunt experience, you must come here. It’s not very big, but the experience is completely immersive. You really feel as if you’re living in the owner’s vision. It’s the maximalist aesthetic that reflects a very personal perspective. Here you will find apparel, accessories, shoes, jewelry, and trinkets of all kinds.


10 Corso Como: Corso Como, 10

This store is legendary. It’s the mother of all concept stores. There’s a café, shop, book/art shop, and gallery. If you’re looking for inspiration from the avant-gardiest of the avant-garde you will find your mecca here. After taking in a visual wonderland I would recommend taking a little break on the rooftop patio. Refresh your eyeball palette a little.

Cavalli e Nastri: Multiple locations. The one in the picture is Via Brera, 2

I would love to be the kind of person who rocks all these amazing vintage pieces, but most vintage shops overwhelm me. Cavalli e Nastri is the vintage shop that the most stylish celebrities and designers go to for inspiration. I love it because it’s so well curated and easy to shop.

Rinascente Annex: Via Santa Radegonda, 10

This is the store that was my shopping home-base in Milan. You can count on this store to have beautiful merchandising that will inspire you to try something new. The main entrance is on the street just to the right of Rinascente and past the old-timey movie theatre. You can also get to it through a tunnel through the men’s department in the main store. This is where you’re going most likely to find the next IT brand or current cult brand. If you’re bored with your clothes, I would definitely come here for one statement piece instead of buying a few meh/of-the-moment items. Annex is the stuff of dreams for young trend-setters.


Happy shopping!

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