Monday Loving: 90s Style Hair Scrunchies

Monday Loving: 90s Style Hair Scrunchies


(1) Shopbop. I love the super summery print with a subtle floppy bow.

(2) France Luxe. For a super luxe, silk scrunchie.

(3) Anthropologie. This is the one I’ve been wearing all weekend. I find that the elastic could be a little more substantial. Also, word of warning, the elastic does get caught in your hair (ouch).

(4) Top Shop. I’ve been itching to add this velvet one to my lineup.

(5) Amazon. An economic, yet classic option.


I could wear a different hairband everyday for more than a month, thanks to younger me taking her fashion queues from Blair Waldorf. I actually even have some of the same hairbands they used on Gossip Girl.

I like to have my tied back in some fashion. After the headband era, I haven’t changed how I put up my hair. The top half is pulled back with a clip or more recently, the invisibobble. I saw a Swiss exchange student who was super stylish wearing one on her wrist and I was like, “what is that? I need one. Where’d you get it?” And she was all, “Oh this? I got this in Germany.” Thus began my frantic Googling…for a hair tie! This was before they were available in every Sephora. I found it in a small hair salon in London, Ontario. I was pumped.

I’ve upping my hair scrunchie game since I got one from American Apparel a couple years ago, when I felt rocking 90s vibes. I’m really sad they don’t make them anymore because they were of such excellent quality. Like They ticked off all my boxes for an excellent scrunchie.

My other favorite scrunchie I have has Hillary Clinton’s face all over it.

For now I’m in search of the perfect hair tie. This is what I look for:

  • Robust elastic
  • Lots of fabric – I find a lot of scrunchies cheap out and when tied up they aren’t “full”
  • Stays in hair, but does not get stuck in hair
  • Can actually hold up hair with real perkiness

Are you liking the hair scrunchie come back? Let me know what your favorite hair accessory is in the comments. I want to know what other people do with their locks.


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