just breathe

just breathe

hi hi hi

Just want to say that as I am typing this it’s 3:54am because my brain just doesn’t want to shut up and I was thinking about this site and everything I want to say and everything I think should be said and if my brain is working this hard at 3:56am I might as well just write it down rather than essentially do all this thinking a second time and oh my god there are so many thoughts in my head right now and I am sort of typing on like a bazillion open tabs because I have so many ideas that need to get out, out, out and I may as well make something of this. *Big intake of air*


Right now, I am finishing off my master of SCIENCE** in international management in Italy. When I get back to Canada-land I am finally getting my hands on a specimen of the very elusive canis lupus familiaris. Or for those who are less studied in the sciences, a dog.

I decided a while ago to do as many young ‘uns do and take an advance on one of my retirement years. Some call this a gap year. Instead of backpacking my way through exotic locales, because frankly, I’m not the backpacking type, and also because I have lived a rather nomadic existence for the past year, I will be living out my dream of raising my very own bork machine. (Is that layman’s term enough for you?)

I really want to to keep a journal about this exciting new chapter in my life. This is the day I have been waiting my WHOLE life for. It is going to change my life forever and I am so excited to embark upon a journey of love that only the luckiest of us get to experience. This day will be the singular greatest day of my life.*** And the best part is 10-14 years from now when the Bloo Blob becomes a Dead Blob I’ll have a nice little record of all our memories to cry over.

Anyways, I’m going to leave it at that for now. As a favorite teacher once said, “All will magically unfold before us.”**




* I am actually terrified that I’m putting this out there because the inner workings of my brain can be a little wackadoodle. But for you, I have decided to give you a peak under the hood. A very special look into how the genius factory works. Kind of like getting to go on a tour of the Ferrari Factory except about $526 829 cheaper. Lucky you!!

**I like to make the emphasis on the science part because my sister is working her ass off on her BSc, and she does real science with numbers and physics and other things mere mortals have never heard of, and I’m eating gelato everyday in Italy. (As of right now, her ass is a continent away from the rest of her, but in order to graduate it needs to be at the moon, so she kind of needs to work a little harder tbh. GET ON MY LEVEL LIL’ SIS.)

*** You may be saying, “But, no! Karen, you can’t say that so soon! What about your wedding day or the birth of your future children??”  To which I answer, yes, I have accounted for those possibilities and I stand by my initial statement.

****Loose and unspecific misquote. However, this teacher really did use the phrase “magically unfold” all the time. This teacher was my accounting teacher in HBA1 at the Ivey. He was awesome. Accounting is alright.

Bonus story that’s sort of related: Okay, so on the first day of HBA you go to this big breakfast banquet and there are hundreds of other kids. Everyone is dressed in “business formal” which basically meant this looked like a giant funeral because nearly every one of the other 600 overachievers, who are probably just a little too self-confident for their own good, is dressed in mourning colors. A giant room full of mostly strangers (and by mostly I mean I think I knew like TWO people) with whom I’m supposed to mingle and make small talk with is, well not to be dramatic but, THE WORST. Anyways, I’m definitely nervously blabbing away this godforsaken hour about god knows what because I figure that talking is better than not talking. So I’m sitting at this table and I decide that the best way to bond with the others is to talk about how awful the mandatory accounting class was last year and how much I hate the subject. Nothing brings people together like mutual hate! Everyone at the table goes around and introduces themselves. We get around to the last person who joined the table, he was mildly disheveled from being late, but at the same time more seemingly at ease than the rest of us. I’m thinking, “this student is not off to such a great start…”  Well, turns out he wasn’t a student. He was our ACCOUNTING prof and you have never met someone who makes their passion for accounting so apparent so quickly. I died a little on the inside and was devastated that my contribution grade for that class was shot in record time. I’m usually better at first impressions. I think.

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