Weekend In Munich

Weekend In Munich


Me and my bestie met up in Munich this past weekend. It was very exciting. I woke up at the beautiful hour of 4am to bounce over to Germany. Then I surveyed the international arrivals like it was my day job until I saw a familiar dome of brown hair. It wasn’t Lucas. Then as the arrivals began getting thicker and sloppily dressed, I knew that the passengers from Chicago were coming out!! Lucas kindly brought me Reese Peanut Butter cups because that’s all I ever want when I’m away from the homeland.

We immersed ourselves in the local culture as much as we could. Here is a little taste of Bavaria for y’all.

We ate and drank our way through the city; Drinking local brews, eating pretzels and German sausage sandwiches. In total we hit up 2 beer gardens and 1 beerhall.

The first day we were there it was beautiful, warm, and sunny.ย This was me, pre-sunburn.

We also acquainted ourselves with the local way of getting around. I also acquainted myself with the local parking situation. Parallel parking in teeny tiny spaces!! It’s okay though, it’s a good thing I can parallel park better than I can park any other way. (Under the pressure of holding up traffic too, mind you.)

This right here is not only the greatest BMW ever produced, but the greatest car of all time. It is my new dream to one day own one of these. This before you is a 1955 BMW Isetta. It is not just a quirky car. It is quirky. I just need it in my life.

Check out the back. Epic.

And here I am standing with my spirit vegetable in art form. V. exciting.




(Skip to 1:28. This commercial is amazing.)

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