A tidbit on family

A tidbit on family

You don’t get to choose your family, so if you have a good one, you’ve basically won the lottery in life. I’m so grateful that I’ve had three doting grandparents throughout my childhood. My last grandparent, my grandpa, passed recently and it made me think of how grateful I am for having spent time with them when I was little.

My dad’s mom used to live with us and I’ll always remember following her around the house, copying her as she did her morning prayers, watching Chinese operas on TV, and going through her photo albums. I shed a few tears the other day on the train because I miss her and knew how much she would have loved playing with bloo. She had the biggest smile of anyone I knew.

I’ll always remember my mom’s parents for taking me to the only place I could name, the mall. I also remember the picnics we went on and day trips in and around Toronto. I will miss my grandpa’s chuckle. I’m glad he got to meet bloo. I’m even more glad I came home from Italy early to see him.

So, here’s to family and grandparents.




PS. My mom is the dream of the nineties in this pic. I love it (and my mom, duh).

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