Review: Pipsticks September 2017! (+ $5 Coupon!!)

Review: Pipsticks September 2017! (+ $5 Coupon!!)

Okay, so last month I was trying to find *the best* subscription services. My overwhelmingly positive experience with Barkbox sent me into a tailspin and put me in an obsessive research mode. Anyways, I haven’t found a stationary subscription box that suits me, but I came across a sticker subscription called Pipsticks!

I got a grab bag from the shop to check out what they had and loved what I got so much I got a subscription. They suckered me in when they said that they had a special anniversary mega pack coming… ย And the subscription was even better than the grab bag!!

AND!!! Their customer service is truly top-notch. I forgot to enter in their 10% off discount code and got a refund for like $1.70. Was it a big deal? No. But they were so nice and quick to respond that I was v. v. impressed.

Was this a necessary purchase? Nope. But it brings me joy to get it in the mail and then I send them off in more mail!! THE JOY MULTIPLIES.ย ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

I’m definitely adding their brick and mortar store to my California road trip this upcoming November.

This was what I got in the grab bag:


They ship worldwide so check them out!!!! Follow this link and get $5 off. That’s basically like 50% off. Doesn’t get better than that.

Go chase #thatstickerfeeling !!



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