IS IT WORTH IT? | Sephora Favorites 2018 Give Me Some Nude Lip kit

IS IT WORTH IT? | Sephora Favorites 2018 Give Me Some Nude Lip kit

Ma revoo of da Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip January 2018 lip kit because I’m addicted to minis!!!!! Also the feeling of scoring a deal. The only one who scored was Sephora. Goodbye money. 🖖


Definitions: 🤓

Full size: Whatever is on Sephora’s website

Retail value: The $ value based on full size pricing

Price paid: How much the individual item contributes to the set’s price

All prices are in Canadian dollars and measurements are metric.


Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Sugar

Full size: $24 for 4.44mL

Retail value: $10.81 for 2mL

Price paid: $4.48


First off, there’s a color named Karen. It’s like a Barbie pink. I kinda want it. But I also hate the flavoring of this gloss….so there’s that. I’ve never tried their lip plumping products that Buxom is famous for, and I don’t think I ever will. Feels weird.

Made in Cheeto land


Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo in Futurist

Full size: $40 for 2.5g

Retail value: $24 for 1.5g (WTF that’s crazy ahaha)

Price paid: $9.95


This one is my favorite from the set! Super nice! Would I buy the full-size? Hell no. Too many dollaz. 1.5g of product is basically the tip of the trial size plus 0.5cm. The tube twists up…but there so little product it’s almost pointless.

Made in CANADA.

NARS Lipstick in Orgasm

Full size: $35 for 3.4g

Retail value: $17.5 for 1.7g

Price paid: $7.26


Love it! Really love how subtle it is.

Made in Amurrica.

Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Pigment in Mauve Wife

Full size: $28 for 8mL

Retail value: $17.5 for 5mL

Price paid: $7.26

Thoughts: Worth It

This stuff is quite staining. This is the only one I swatched and it is not coming off my arm! It’s clinging on to life like your friend’s friend’s crazy ex. Which is weird because simultaneously it is able to GET EVERYWHERE. On my face. On my hair. On my hands. On my papers, laptop, dog.

Fatto in Italia.


tarte tarteist quick dry matte lip paint in exposed

Full size: $24 for 6mL

Retail value: $4 for 1mL

Price paid: $1.65


I paid $1.65 and that’s as much as I ever want to buy of this product. Don’t luuurrveee it. I also especially don’t lurve the applicator.

Made south of the 49th.


Urban Decay Vice Special Effects in Fever

Full size: $24 for 4.7mL

Retail value: $24

Price paid: $9.95


It’s WATERPROOF hence why I had to rub my lips raw to get this 💩 off!!!! You’ve been warned! Put it on someone you really want to piss off haha.

Made in the USA.


Value of this kit: $82.01

Tut, tut Sephora. This isn’t the $100 you claimed it would be! But I think that this is still pretty good value for $34!! I’m obsessed with lip products so I’m very happy right now.




I did a full video review that you can watch here:




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