How Makeup is Made: Video Playlist

How Makeup is Made: Video Playlist

Above image taken from Bite Beauty’s Process for Innovation video

Alright nerds, this is what I’ve been spending my afternoon doing. Because like, sometimes a girl just wants to watch factory videos. I put together a good sampling of how different textures are made because after a while you realize that it all comes down to mixing pigment + base = product.

Benefit’s Hoola bronzer

(lololol they use an actual Kitchenaid.)

Bite Beauty lip pencil

(made right here in the 6ix!)



Maybelline’s mascara

(not gonna lie, this stuff looks gross)

Bite Beauty lipstick

(uggghhhh living for the part of the video where the lipstick is scraped up)

Speaking of Bite Beauty – I’m obsessed with their Instagram because they always post the most mesmerizing videos.

If there is ONE hashtag to follow it is: #millingmondays



Orly nail polish


Lush’s shampoo bars

(Ever since I started using these I have totally wondered how these are made. Now I know!)



ColourPop eyeshadow



BONUS!!! My favorite soft serve topping. I just find this absolutely mesmerizing.

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