Is It Worth It? | Sephora Play! March 2018 Value Analysis

Is It Worth It? | Sephora Play! March 2018 Value Analysis

Just a Canadian girl trying to get her hands on this US only subscription box sooooo HERE IT IS.  Sephora Play! subscription box is supposed to be one of the best beauty boxes out there, so of course I have a subscription! It is also supposed to have the best variety of products and be one of the best bang-for-your-buck beauty boxes. Let’s see how much my March box is worth! The theme this month was “Festival of Beauty” and my box is number is 850.

The first thing I always want to know about my box is WHAT’S THE RETAIL VALUE?! Each month’s box is $10 USD so all the math I have done is based on US retail prices.


Last month's box:

Sephora Play! February


Full size: Whatever is on Sephora’s website

Retail value: The $ value based on full size pricing

Price paid: How much the individual item contributes to the set’s price

All prices are in USD and measurements are metric. I include the “bonus” item as part of the $10.

March 2018 Box #850

Buxom Plumpline Lip Liner in Hush Hush

Full size: $17 for 2.1g

Retail value: $17.68 for 1g

Price paid: $4.09


I have so many lip products that I tend to give away most of the ones that come in my Play boxes. However, it’s nice to finally get a liner and not just another lipstick or gloss. This one I’ll probably keep. Also it comes with a sweet lip brush on the other end. It makes it feel like a very substantial sample.


Sephora Collection Matte Perfection Powder Foundation

Full size: $20 for 7.5g

Retail value: $8 for 3g

Price paid: $1.85


They included the color 14 Neutral Linen. I haven’t been blown away from this product and there isn’t much about it that makes me WANT to put it on… Nothing exciting going on here.


Lancome Miel en Mousse Foaming Cleanser

Full size: $40 for 200ml

Retail value: $1 for 5ml

Price paid: $0.23


Yay! I don’t think I’ll need to purchase face wash in a long, long time because I’ve built up quite a cabinet of minis between subscription boxes and redeeming my Sephora rewards. However, this sample is quite dinky compared to the more generously sized samples in this box. Whilst using it I did feel French and fancy AF because of the fragrance (+1), but fragrance is not so great for your face (-1).


Verb Ghost Oil

Full size: $16 for 60ml

Retail value: $4.33 for 17ml

Price paid: $1.00


I love anything that Verb comes out with and I’ve been waiting for this stuff to come in a subscription box. So far out of Bumble and Bumble, Ouai, and Verb’s hair oils, the B&B Invisible oil has historically been my favorite, let’s see if this changes that. I do love to use a hair oil instead of conditioner when the weather is warmer so this will be given a fair trial run.


Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30

Full size: $65 for 30ml

Retail value: $10.83 for 5ml

Price paid: $2.52


SPF is so important and the only way to find the best one is to try them all. This product was probably the most surprising one of the bunch. It reminds me of The Ordinary’s fluid primer but with SPF (and costs more $). This is something I’d definitely recommend for anyone looking for a summer primer that takes care of SPF all in one step.


Ouai Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets

Full size: $18 for 15 sheets

Retail value: $1.20 for single sheet

Price paid: $0.27


I am so excited about this product so I can use something other than Bounce dryer sheets on Bloo! She gets rather static-y in between baths and I get electric shocks from petting her.


Value of this box: $43.04

I love looking up all the box variations on MySubscriptionAddiction and this would have been one of my top choice boxes if I could have chosen. If only we could just pick 6 samples for ourselves each month…Wouldn’t that be something…

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