New Skincare Tech Gadget?! Sign me up!

New Skincare Tech Gadget?! Sign me up!

Okay, so since I got the fall FabFitFun box I haven’t resubscribed because I haven’t liked any of the spoilers. However, as soon as the first spoiler for the summer box was released I was like, I’m in! Full spoilers can be found here.

The new gadget is Forreo’s new Luna Fofo. You’ve probably seen those little colorful, circular, silicone, face brush gadgets everywhere. I’ve never purchased one because in the past, the batteries are non-rechargable or replaceable (boo for the environment) and they’re obscenely expensive for a gimmicky product ($49 CAD for the “disposable” trial size). The new Fofo is going to retail for $89 (USD/CAD, I’m not sure), and the FFF box is only $40 USD (if you use a discount code) so I’m a little more down.

What’s so special about this one? Well, it has a skin sensor that pairs with the Forreo app on your phone and tells you about your skin’s hydration levels. This isn’t the most exciting technology on the planet. There’s nothing magical about the sensor, it’s really just using your skin’s conductivity to complete a circuit from one little metal dot to the other. Again, it’s gimmicky, but man, I do love new toys to play with! And one that perfectly aligns with my recent skincare obsession.

Additionally, in the box I’m also getting a giant microfiber beach towel. Those things are a god send for traveling on a budget (I’m looking at those hostels who are charging $6 for towel rental). My body towel from MEC has gotten me hooked on microfibre towels because they hardly take up any space, dry quickly, and debris shakes right off. I think getting a second towel for $10USD is a sweet deal too.

Because I only bought the one box, I don’t get to pick between the two Tarte pallettes, but because Tarte is a brand I like, I’m pretty pleased that that is the makeup brand for this season.

The two customizations I had:

The customizations that annual subscribers have:

(My pick would be the highlight/contour palette.)

(My pick would be the wallet so I can attach some emergency cash to bloo’s leash).

(My pick would be the Elemis peel.)

These three items alone make my $50 worth it. Can’t wait for it to come in the mail!

If you want to save $10 on your box, use my referral link.





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