Around town in the Bloo-mobile

Around town in the Bloo-mobile



Turns out little miss bloo is great in a car and terrible alone. I toted her around (literally) everywhere I went on the weekend. I didn’t want her to associate her crate with being abandoned and I definitely didn’t want her to soil her crate again. So far this has worked because she has been sleeping and napping in her crate like a gem (except for the first 5 whiney minutes – but then she falls right asleep).

As long as she is with people, bloo is super chilled out. Here she is sending Laura off.

There was a heat wave the last couple days. We couldn’t leave bloo in the car, nor did we want to bake with her in a black car, so we took her into Ikea with us. She fell asleep and just kept on snoozing through pets from strangers and all the exotic smells.

Still snoozing as I set her down in the car.

Homemade car seat. This DIY worked great until she woke up and houdini-ed herself out.

Here we are at the Home Depot. Thank goodness she’s not squirmy when she is carried. Most people don’t notice she’s poking out of my bag. I even had someone tell me they thought I was carrying around a teddybear. When she’s at home she’s quite a blur of ginger fur. More on that later… (I would share but I’m currently too busy keeping bloo off furniture to elaborate).

Bloo is very observant. I’m pretty sure she watched us the first couple days and now she is exploring…with her mouth. I don’t think I’ll be able to drive around with her not in a carrier anymore. It’s so cute when she just snoozes in the passenger seat, however, I think I’m about a day away from her realizing the gear shift looks a lot like a ball. The tissue box that she’s sleeping on in this picture is no longer a pillow, but a chew toy. 🙁

RIP freedom in the bloomobile.





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