Puppy Comes Home

Puppy Comes Home


Picking up little miss bloo! She was very cool about being passed off to strangers. Like, “Yup. Cool, this is life now.”


The whole ride home we learned a lot about bloo. She has a very chill attitude and rolls with the punches. This is her just looking out the window saying goodbye to her hometown. Once she got even more comfortable, she sprawled out quite a bit and wanted to stretch as long as she could.


Just totally passed out on Sarah’s lap. We were really surprised that she didn’t make a peep at all for nearly 3 hours. And thankfully, she didn’t have any accidents in the car.


Once we got home, we tried to give her some food and water, but she wasn’t really interested in the food. She drank a lot of water. I’m pretty sure that she can drink more water without peeing than me.

We went to go pick up Laura from the train station. She flew back from Pittsburgh just to meet bloo! We then took bloo on her first trip to the pet store. Laura showed her some birds and fishes. Generally, bloo doesn’t seem too impressed with anything. She’s too cool for us.

I woke up and realized I had a magic puppy who didn’t make any noise through the night and slept until 6am. As I crept down the stairs, I found Laura asleep on the kitchen floor and bloo watching Laura sleep.


House training update:

Okay, so this puppy is pretty much perfect. She only had 3 accidents. There was a pee and a poo that happened because she was too distracted playing and just went. And then we tried to crate her during dinner, but she was too freaked out, even though we were sitting 2 ft away and made otherworldly noises until she was so stressed she shit herself. Thankfully all the poop was easily removed because it all landed on single blanket.

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