Pupdate 2: My Dog is Fearless

Pupdate 2: My Dog is Fearless

Bloo had her first bath with me yesterday! So bloo isn’t really phased by anything, except for being left alone in any capacity. Even if something is alarming the first time, she’ll cautiously reassess the situation and give it another go. This goes for particularly squeaky squeaky toys, the vacuum, the air mattress air pump, and the hairdryer!

When she encountered stairs she took to them right away. Not only going up and down, but occasionally flying off the last stair (or even second to last stair) paws totally outstretched like she’s Airbud.

She has met two other dogs who were both medium sized. She was totally chill about them wanting to play with her. She either just plopped down on the ground like, “Meh – these dogs have no chill, eh?”. She even attempted to wrestle with Leily (the bernedoodle). Even after playing with Leily for two hours, bloo still had energy. This puppy will go on forever until you make her nap.

I wish I had taken more photos of her first bath because it was hilarious – bloo is 90% fluff, 10% small quadruped. She was a squirmy when I was getting her wet and lathering her up, but as soon as you put her in “two wheel drive” (picking her up so she’s basically standing up) she chills out and just takes whatever comes.

By the end of her bath she was loving the hairdryer. All the warm air – so cozy! I did start desensitizing her to the hairdryer before we took a bath. This was our second encounter with the hairdryer


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