Pupdate 3: Report Card

Pupdate 3: Report Card

Bloo bloo is 11 weeks old today. Here is how she’s doing after 2 weeks of being home.

Puppy manners:

With hoomans: C

During evening zoomies bloo goes away and bloocifer comes out. We do not enjoy the company of bloocifer because she bites. If we take her outside we can’t walk around because we are being nipped at the ankles. Bloo will draw blood. Bad, bad dog. She also becomes extremely persistent in chewing things she doesn’t normally, or would otherwise back off of if told “no”. Overtired bloocifer is a force to be reckon with. But with time, I’m sure, this too shall pass.

With doggos: C+

Bloo spent the day with her standard poodle friend Nike. As Nike play-bowed, bloo decided that he looked a lot like a ramp. Bloo ran up Nike’s back and then proceeded to ride him around. This behavior is generally not accepted by most dogs.

However, bloo gets bumped down a grade for pooping at Leily’s house. She was romping around outside when she was let into the house. Bloocifer took a dump in the middle of the living room carpet. Of course, Leily’s humans were not pleased. Bloo was then banished to the outdoors where she was encouraged to empty her bladder and bowels, should there be anything left. I asked how much turd my dog produced and according to the Head Human it was a sizable shit for a creature of bloo’s size.  After a little romp without Leily as a distraction and then a short play session with Leily, bloo goes up to the door to be let in. If Leily’s humans didn’t have any regrets, they do now! Bloo graciously left 8 little poos around the living room promptly after being let in.



Sit: A

Bloo can sit very reliably and can move from a down position to a sit with no problem. She can hold her sits for a count of forty. She will also sit if she senses we have food.

Down: A-

Bloo took a while longer to master down, but she will hold a down for almost as long as a sit.

Paw: B

We are working on only giving a paw when asked for it. Bloo gets impatient during some sits and downs and gets all paw-sy.

Stay: C+

We have made a lot of progress with this one this week. Generally bloo likes to be within 4″ of us when we are walking around the kitchen so staying away is something that really takes willpower.

Leave it: D

This is the newest command that we introduced a couple days ago. We are working on not being paw-sy and staying a little further away from the treat.

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