Pupdate 4: Puppy Constipation Scare of 2017

Pupdate 4: Puppy Constipation Scare of 2017

It’s been a month since the last pupdate and bloo is in a way the same dog. Her training was going really well, but in the last week she’s really been trying to test her limits. She’s a little less patient than she was before so I’m trying to make sure that she only gets rewarded when she does things right.

The most exciting thing that’s happened for bloo in the last month is going to the cottage with her BFF and reaching 500 followers on Instagram!


The cottage:

At the cottage bloobloo got to do a lot of exciting things like go SUPing with me. She’s such a curious dog and wanted to walk all around the board. Even though she’s only 10lbs, having a 10lb weight moving around on your board can make things very unstable. It was inevitable that she would fall in. She was right at the edge of the board and her front paws slipped, and the poor puppy went into the lake head first. We have had practice swimming inside pools, but I’m sure this was different because I wasn’t in the water with her. I’m not sure if she was freaked out or really pumped about swimming because she started swimming away from me!

It turned into a two man rescue operation. Eryn and I both dove in the rescue the dog. Eryn swam with bloo out of the water and delivered her to Chloe, who had Leily on her board. Then Chloe went paddling around with two dogs. But Leily sometimes wants a break from the puppy gnawing at her, so as soon as I got close enough, Leily walked right off her board and onto mine. Leily was a much better SUP companion as she knew to just sit still.

Bloo wasn’t put off by the whole experience because as soon as she gained her confidence back, she was walking around Chloe’s board.

The picture at the top is bloo drying off from her adventures so she had her ears tied up.


The Constipation Scare of 2017:

The puppy is usually a poop machine, and she has her regular poops. The morning double poop, the mid-day poop, and the midnight poop. On Tuesday she didn’t produce anything all afternoon and all evening. I was getting frustrated and the dog was getting frustrated. Every time I told her to go, she just ran around like a Tasmanian devil.

So we gave her lots of banana and Activia yogurt and hoped that would do the trick come morning. When she still wasn’t pooping, I took her on a nice long walk to get her bowels going. Then finally by late-morning, she poop-ed not once, not twice, but THREE times! Everyone was so relieved.

However, that was still not enough. After I got back from barre class bloo took a poo in the living room. This must have been the blockage because that poo was SOLID. As a final bow she also took a pee.

Oh, puppies…Never a dull moment.



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