Saturday Night Thoughts On Harry Styles

Saturday Night Thoughts On Harry Styles

I would like to write this today because my friends and I have had a Harry Styles night. Of course this is all because we went to see Dunkirk the other night. Excellent, excellent film. I’ve spent most of my day looking into how they made it because that’s how I need to process the film watching experience. I usually avoid any movie heavier than The Big Sick because the stories always leak into my dreams and they’re already stressful thriller movies without the help of Hollywood movie professionals.

Here’s a snippet of my dream from last night:

I was in the hospital with Harry Styles, trying to convince him to pull through. He’s really sick. Turns out the Evil Nurse pulled his IV/oxygen tube thingy from his back without us noticing because she’s sneaky and evil. Me and my friend are sitting on either side of him holding his hand and comforting him, telling him he’s gonna make it. I think the theory behind invading his personal space was because sometimes babies just need to be held, so we were like initiate human contact! Considering the dire circumstances, we’re in alright spirits. I made the Evil Nurse leave, but then the visitors start coming in. And who comes in other than the spawn of Satan, Donald Trump Jr.. I refused to shake his hand and Harry followed suit. Then because I’m even nice to real life baddies, I gave Spawn-of-Satan a surprisingly great sense of self-deprecating humor.

Also, Harry made it out of the hospital. We were navigating the difficult hospital elevators and there were a lot of people squished in this space, and we felt like we should say something to each other because we just went through this really intense experience, but we didn’t.

And in another part of my dream, bloo was really sick and puking all over Sarah’s house. (In real life, she did have a little puke that morning). And Sarah’s house had several spa like bathrooms with some awesome tubs. I had some great baths. I’m sorry bloo puked in several of the tubs. Thanks Sarah.


Insightful thoughts from Harry Styles – Behind the Music Video:


I bet Harry would be enticed to move to Canada if you told him he could run around with woodland creatures and be his true Gucci-floral-wearing-woodland-creature-self without the paps bothering him.


Lol [Harry Styles is] like that kind of barista that’s kinda cute kinda also hasn’t taken a shower lately and you’re never sure if he was flirting with you or just likes to do his service job well

Can we just circle back to the fact that dude fucking sits down all seriously as starts writing on a typewriter like he’s a fucking 18th century French poet


Is he using the typewriter in the soft glow of the candlelight??

This comment about the leash:












I really loved this article in Rolling Stone about Harry Styles. You should read it because he is 1/3 of the 3/5 of One Direction that I genuinely believed turned out alright.

Anyways, we’re watching HAIM’s behind the scenes now. TTYL.


Irrelevant: I’m like an OG fan of One Direction. Got the album shipped to me from England back in 2011, which is early for 1D awareness on this side of the pond. Harry has always been my favorite. I hope Harry never finds this post. Celebrity and fame is weird.

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