Dearest friends,

Today is the first day of the best month of the year. I’ve mentioned it briefly in a post script, but I would like to take the time today to share my enthusiasm August.


The rhythm of summer

As with any other time of the year, it takes a bit to get into a routine. At this point of the summer, not only do you have summer brain, but you’ve embraced boredom, you’ve embraced spontaneous adventures, you’ve embraced afternoon naps outside.

Going to the movies to cool off.

Meandering through the summer sales at the mall because it’s something to do. (Also, mindlessly scrolling through the same sales online because getting the butt sweat from sitting in a car is gross.)

Leaving the house everyday in the same hot weather uniform because you’re Canadian and you only have like 5 pairs of shorts because everything else is built for windchill.

Reading all afternoon because you can.

Reading all night because you can.

Eating ice cream everyday because you can.


September in the horizon

You’re kind of nostalgic for the fact that the summer is half over. You’re thinking about the good times you’ve had and there’s a lazy urgency to knock more things off your list. It’s different from the nostalgia at the end of the calendar year that’s the kind of sentimental tinged with a bit of sadness and where you’re resolving to do X better in the new year. August is about getting it done now! Now! NOW!


Cool summer nights

The weather is awesome! And for someone who really likes winter, August is the best because you can still get cozy with a sweater at night and your shoes don’t get ruined by the road salt!

Nights that dip below 20ºC feel chilly, but know you’re not gonna get frostbite. And bonfires are better in August because July is just too, too hot to want to sit in front of a fire at night, when you’ve been scorched by a giant ball of fire during the day.

The perfect summer playlist

You’ve done  it! You’ve realized that removing the overplayed, catchy “song of the summer” from your playlist actually improves your playlist by at least 80%. And with the addition of a few gems you’ve uncovered in July you’ve achieved the Ultimate Summer Playlist to enjoy for the whole month.


Warm fuzzies from finishing good books

I like rereading my favorite parts for the books I’ve finished. However, I feel I find the real book gems in August, when everyone else has read the “summer hot list” and you get recommendations for the best of the best. Also, what is better than books about summer in the summer? Not much. Just Christmas books. But those are rare.

The sunsets!

They are pretty darn great. Over Lake Ontario in August? The best.





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