Bark Box: July 2017 Review (+ Free Box Code!)

Bark Box: July 2017 Review (+ Free Box Code!)

We got our very first Bark Box in the mail yesterday! Also, I LOVE getting surprise mail.  I’m not sure who is more excited about it, me or bloo. I think it might be me because I’ve always wanted a Bark Box and this month’s theme couldn’t have been more perfect. The theme is travel! And I do a lot of travel so I was thrilled that little bloo bloo got two travel themed toys. I might have to order the other ones in the collection later.


Plush #1: Plane

When I put the box on the ground, bloo took the plane out immediately. She didn’t sniff the box or even go after the cardboard. I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality of the toys. The plane has a squeaker in it. Bloo isn’t strong enough to squeak it herself yet. I expected the plush toys to be somewhat flimsy because of the reviews I’ve read online from other subscribers. However, I’m really glad I got to see these before I ordered anything from the Bark Shop. I’ve been tempted many times because their toys are just so unique and creative.


Plush #2: Tug

I love the toothbrush and toothpaste tug. It’s just so creative. Who designs these? I wanna join the team! The toothbrush handle is crinkly and the toothpaste has a squeaker in it.

Neither the plane nor the toothpaste is on the Bark Shop yet, but I would estimate that they’re worth around $8-10.

In general I’m very pleased with the ingredients of the treats that came in the box. They all contained no fillers, corn, wheat, nor funky chemicals. The treats only contain what you think they should contain. I’ve taken pictures of the labels for those who are interested.


Treat #1: Treat Simple Trail Mix

Trail mix cookies. I imagine these will be a big hit with bloo. I’ll have to break it up into small little pieces though. These are made in the USA. They are $9 on Treat Simple.



Treat #2: Plato Pet Treats Fish Treats

Fish treats from Iceland. Seems like a good place to source fish from. These are also too big for bloo right now, but will be great to break up. I don’t think she’s ever tried fish before so this will be a brand new culinary experience! This bag of treats is valued at $7 in the Bark Shop. Can also be found at Amazon(US store link, couldn’t find it on the Canadian store).


I really liked that it says “responsibly sourced”. +1 for Plato and Bark Box


Chew: Pork Roll

I believe that they always include a chew treat like this in every box. This one is $4 at the Bark Shop.



The last items I wanted to show off is the packaging. They’re not worth anything, but it shows the thought that is put into the whole company. Just little details in the graphics like “waggy barker” make my heart smile.



Example of the toys that might come in other boxes.


Approximate retail value:

Plush – plane: $8

Plush – tug: $10

Treats – trail mix: $9

Treats – fish treats: $7

Chew: $4

Total: $36


Barkbox Subscriptions:

$29 USD/month (+$5 for shipping to Canada)

$25 USD/month x6 months (Get a free box)

$21 USD/month x 12 months (Get a free box)






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