Review: September 2017 Bark Box (+ Free Box Code!)

Review: September 2017 Bark Box (+ Free Box Code!)

Back to school is the theme this month and I am obsessed. At this point is this subscription for me or the dog? Who’s to say? I love the creativity behind Bark Box and I keep coming back for more! more! more! Currently, Bark is my choice company for buying toys and treats for Bloo. Their prices are awesome, and they have a really great line of super durable toys.

Here is what came in this month’s box!

Plush #1: Rad Chad 😎


Hey Hollywood, Bloo Bloo will happily star inΒ Neighbor’sΒ 3: Puppies Rising. She would be a lovely co-star next to Zac Efron. This toy looks very durable, just like the airplane that came in the July box. It’s not a super-stuffed plush item which is awesome because Bloo won’t be able to destroy it in a day (RIP toothbrush toy). Chad has a giggle-stick which means that when you shake him, he makes a funny little giggling sound. Bloo loves it and it’s great because we don’t have another toy that sounds like it.

Rad Chad is $12 on the Bark Shop.


Plush #2: Bark Pong Champion


The red cup is lined with a crinkly material and the balls have squeakers in them. I am unsure if Bloo will like this one because she’s never had a toy like it before (but then again, what dog has?). Finally a beer pong set that’s dog safe! For most dogs this isn’t really an issue, but my puppy has already crashed at least 2 parties in her short life. Lapping up Mike’s Hard and chasing those ping pong balls is the play-hard, play-hard lifestyle she is all about.

This Bark Pong toy is $10 on the Bark Shop.


Treat #1: Grrrramen

How do they come up with this stuff?!?! I laughed so hard when I saw this (and all the other items). Unfortunately these treats are just regular cookie shaped and not like chunks of ramen. I’m sure Bark & Co. will come up with the technology to do so for next year. 😝

These treats are $6 on the Bark Shop.


Treat #2: Cheesy Furrito Treats


I just know that Bloo is going to go crazy for these. Girl, loves her some cheese. She also loves the smell of burritos but I ain’t sharing any time soon. She can have these when I chomp on my Burrito Boyz.

These treats are listed for $8 in the Bark Shop.


Chew: Beef Jerky Stick


BarkBox includes a chew in every box and this time around it’s a 2 pack! This one isΒ $4 at the Bark Shop. So much yummy goodness for Bloo. It’s awesome for me because I never have to worry about variety in her treats. It’s so much easier to work on puppy training when the dog is also motivated.



Lastly I want to show off this month’s packaging because it’s so darn funny!



Approximate retail value:

Plush – Rad Chad: $12

Plush – Bark Pong: $10

Treats – Grrramen: $6

Treats – Furrito: $8

Chew: $4

Total: $40


Barkbox Subscriptions:

I cannot praise Bark Box’s customer service enough. They’re always so amazing whenever I need help with stuff like like updating my address. And when I do update my address they always send me an email within a couple days wishing me good luck with our move and a list of dog parks, groomers, and shops in the new area. They don’t know that I just ship the box to wherever we’re traveling and not moving, but it’s just the loveliest thought. Additionally, they’ve kindly sent a replacement for the pork roll that came in the July box because Bloo didn’t care much for it.

If you want to sign up with Bark Box here is all the information you need:

$29 USD/month (+$5 for shipping to Canada)

$25 USD/month x 6 months (Get a free box)

$21 USD/month x 12 months (Get a free box)





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