The Perfect Gift for Every Kind of Dog Lover

The Perfect Gift for Every Kind of Dog Lover

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1. Machine Washable Cashmere Scarf $128 PERFECT for the DOG-LESS DOG LOVER and also dog-owning dog lover because let me repeat, machine. washable. cashmere. Enough said.

2. Thick, cozy, throw $24.50 PERFECT for the DOG-LESS DOG LOVER and also dog-owning dog lover because at 50% off this throw is not too precious for spilled mulled wine or dirty paws! Cozy up, my friends! On weekends you can use the code GIFT15 to save 15% off.

3. LED Leash $25 PERFECT for the DOG-OWNING DOG LOVER. Safety is so, so important everyday but especially when you’re walking the dog in the dark. Even though Bloo wore an LED collar the other day a car didn’t see us when we were crossing the road. I’m upping my safety game with this LED leash and it’s the perfect thoughtful gift for someone you know who walks their dog before/after work.

4. Barkbox $20-29 USD PERFECT for the DOG LOVER WHO HAS EVERYTHING. It’s no secret that I am a HUGE Barkbox fan. This subscription is so great because it’s fun for humans and dogs. I love it because I don’t have to worry about Bloo destroying her toys or keeping a pantry stocked with treats and chews. Customer service has been awesome every time I’ve contacted them. They’ve replaced the toys that didn’t last a second and upgraded us to the “heavy chewer” box for free. If you go through our link, your first Barkbox is free!! Go! Go get it now!!  PS Canada friends, free shipping to Canada!!! 😱

5. MeUndies Pack 3, 6, 10 or 20 pack $42 -$280 USD PERFECT for the DOG LOVER WHO APPRECIATES NICE THINGS IN LIFE. If they are a butt possessing human, they will appreciate nice underwear (because a lot of them suck). Also, no one likes The value packs available right now are such good value. I personally love the bikini ones, and the 20 pack is only $11 per pair. And while you’re at it, throw in an extra pair for yourself because 20% off. You’re welcome. 😋

6. Playful Pets Puzzle (1000 pieces) $17 USD PERFECT for the DOG LOVER WHO ISN’T OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE A DOG. One of my favorite things to force friends to hang out with me to do to spend quality time with friends is to lure them over with the promise of hot wintry beverages and then put out a puzzle. The bigger the better because who’s gonna leave before it’s done?  

7. Designer Dog Bowl $30 USD PERFECT for the DOG LOVER WHO IS INTO DESIGN. TBH, this is just a really pretty bowl. Someone buy this for me pls. There’s also a matching dog bed if you’re feeling extra splurgy.

8. Tiffany Dog Collar $270 PERFECT for the DOG LOVER WHO LOVES THEIR DOG MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF. This person might be you (because treating your dog is like treating yourself, amiright?). Buying this gift comes with the headline “#EXTRA! #EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!”




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