Away x Gray Malin Collection is EVERYTHING (+$20 Coupon!)

Away x Gray Malin Collection is EVERYTHING (+$20 Coupon!)

Dear fellow vagabonds,

I just want to say that THIS collaboration is EVERYTHING.


Picture taken from

Away luggage has taken the internet by storm. Their thoughtfully designed luggage has developed a massive following. Away’s lifetime guaranteed luggage start at only $225 USD or $345 CAD. Usually luggage that comes with that kind of backing costs upwards of $500.

Features that I love besides the lifetime guarantee are the compression compartment and laundry bag. The laundry bag rolls up into a little zip pouch on the side. The compression flap has a frame so it can be effectively strapped down.

There’s also a built in USB charger in the carry-on sizes which is super convenient. I always carry a separate spare battery for charging, but I can see this making a HUGE difference to many travellers. The  battery doesn’t weigh as much as you think it does. Allegedly it can charge an iPhone five times. You can also pop it out if you don’t want to travel with it – there’s a lid, so there won’t be a gaping hole at the top of your bag.

PLUS!! This collection features the ICONIC prints from Gray Malin. Yes, the laundry bag comes with the matching print as well, incase anyone was wondering (like, I was).

I LOVE this one of Brazil. It’s the one that I bought for my sister for her birthday.

This pink one with a picture of an Australian beach would be my personal pick.

This print holds a special place in my heart because this one was taken in Canada (Whistler). I would be a little concerned about the white scuffing up, but you would be probably the ONLY traveler in the whole terminal with a white bag haha. Unless you gouge the bag, I think most marks will come out with soap and water – the plastic is pretty hard.



Cons about Away suitcase:

Dog can’t fit… Literally that’s it. Maybe that and the fact I don’t “need” a new suitcase right now. Okay, but seriously, a really big plus would be an easy pull tab to pull my laptop out easily for security. You hear that Away?? *shouts to the heavens* LAPTOP ACCESSIBILITY!!!

If you want to snag one, make sure you do it soon because previous Away collaborations have sold out within weeks. If you want to save $20 I have a handy dandy referral code for ya.





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