RUN Don’t Walk! Holy grail T-Shirt is HERE!

RUN Don’t Walk! Holy grail T-Shirt is HERE!

So it’s been a year since I’ve decided to shop Canadian and over the past year I have discovered some AMAZING products, but I think this is my can’t-live-without winner. Yes, I really do think I’d trade my serum foundation from The Ordinary for these Kotn t-shirts.

I was meandering through Holt Renfrew in the summer and my hand skimmed the softest t-shirt. There are a lot of silky synthetic jersey materials out there that result in super soft t-shirts, but this one was different. The fabric was thick, it was soft, and it was only $30 CAD*. I dug through the pile and came up with the last small, but it was HUGE. They only had  mens shirts and there was no way I could make the small work.

In the last week or so, after their launch of the new women’s collection, I ordered two t-shirts in a heartbeat. The thing about Egyptian cotton is that it gets SOFTER as you wear and wash it. Like washing it makes it better!! Washing usually makes everything worse! And as someone who wishes they could wear their bed, this is as close as it’s gonna get for me.

The fit for these shirts are seriously amazing. The sleeves are the perfect length, the body is the perfect length, the cut is fitted but not too fitted.

The product itself is amazing, but the way Kotn does business is also thoughtful and ethical. They’re like that perfect friend you can’t hate because they are just so great.

The wait is over. Go and buy these t-shirts. This isn’t a sponsored post in case anyone is wondering, I just want to spread the word so that they’ll stay in business forever so I can buy their t-shirts for the rest of my life. So if you don’t do this for you, do this for me. 

Top: Kotn fitted crew in XS 🇨🇦 |  Bottoms: Free People |  Shoes: Prada | Scarf: Indigo 🇨🇦 | Necklace: Bluboho 🇨🇦 | Makeup: MAC, Nudestix, The Ordinary 🇨🇦 | Glasses: Bonlook 🇨🇦 | Dog: 🇨🇦




Kotn’s The Easy Crew in XS



Also!! This tag!




*This is unbelievably reasonable. The market has so many luxury t-shirts these days that are priced solely because there’s a customer out there who’s willing to pay. When I worked in retail t-shirts were “add-on” items to suggest to customers upon check-out and even those were $54! (You’d be surprised how many people will just add 2 or 3 to their purchase…)


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