IS IT WORTH IT? | Sephora Holiday 2017: Milk Makeup A-Team Set Value Analysis

IS IT WORTH IT? | Sephora Holiday 2017: Milk Makeup A-Team Set Value Analysis

Sephora’s holiday sets are out! You can sure get a banging deal if you know where to look, however, not every set is a “value” set.

Today’s value analysis will be on Milk’s The A-Team set.


Method: 🤓

All values are based in USD and based on the retail prices from or from Milk’s US website.

My calculation for actual product value will be based off the price per volume of the full size or largest product size.



Full size: Whatever is on Sephora’s website

Actual product value: The $ value based on full size pricing

Price paid: How much the individual item contributes to the set’s price


The Breakdown:


Price of set: $39

Total product value: $36.58

Stated retail value: $84


…..I get that the Milk minis go for $14 each, but usually the stated retail value on the package reflects full size products. Using the mini size is misleading and overstates the retail value. They usually do this, but even so, using my method the price you pay for the products in a value set is almost always less than its actual product value. Not this time. Tut tut Sephora.

Verdict: Not Worth It!!!

I have done these analysis on several other kits and on the Sephora Play! subscription box using the same method and this is the first one to be OVER VALUED.

The value of products in the $39 box is only $36.58.

It is still a worthwhile buy if you wanted to try several of their products. Personally, I will be keeping this set because I prefer mini sizes to full sizes. The full size version of these products are too big for me. However, I am a little disappointed because Sephora is usually pretty good with giving you bang for your buck with their value sets.


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