Review: Barkbox February 2018

Review: Barkbox February 2018

This month’s box

Bloo and I LOVE our monthly Barkbox. I love the creativity, and she loves the refresh of treats and toys. Also barking at the mail man. We get the heavy chewer box for medium dogs because Bloob is quite mouthy. This is what came in our box!

Toy 1: Penny the Pineapple

This retails for $14, but it is already sold-out on Bark’s website. It’s no wonder because it’s one of their toy-in-toy toys. Once the outer part of the pineapple gets ripped off, there’s another toy!

Toy 2: Coconut Piña Chew-lada

So cute!! If I saw this in store I would definitely consider forking over the $12 for this.  I’m sad that Bloob might destroy this in a day, but it’s just so clever. There’s a spikey ball hidden inside, so when she inevitably rips through the fabric, we’ll have a toy for keeps. This was the first toy Bloo gravitated towards when we opened the box (yes, even over the stinky chew).

Treat 1: Hawaiian Duck

This bag retails for $8. What really surprised me was that the ingredients are totally to theme! There’s coconut and pineapple in there, so these should taste like a real doggy vacation.

Treat 2: Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky

This is worth about $7-8 retail. Salmon is awesome for keeping doggy fur in tip top condition because of all the oils. These treats are organic and human grade…not gonna try them though… I’ll save these for the doge.

Chew: No link/info because Bloo ate it real fast

We got a delicious beef tendon chew that occupied Bloo for an hour. Thew chews in Barkbox are $3.


Ummmm can we just take in the dog’s outfit on the cover of the brochure?!



The total retail value for this box is $45 USD! That’s pretty awesome considering we paid $20 USD for this box (we have the 12 month subscription). Personally, I look forward to this every month because the themes and details in each box is so well executed.


Barkbox Subscriptions:

Barkbox ships free to the US and CANADA!!! WOOOT!!!

$29 USD/month

$25 USD/month x 6 months (Get a free box)

$21 USD/month x 12 months (Get a free box)


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