Review | Ellie Mae Subscription Box – February 2018

Review | Ellie Mae Subscription Box – February 2018

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Ellie Mae February 2018 Box!!

Ellie Mae is a new subscription box from Canada. I love checking out local businesses and wanted to support a local subscription box that features Canadian products. They have three different types of boxes. A mommy + baby box, a mommy + furbaby box, a me + me box, and they do custom daddy + (fur)baby boxes! I love that I can get big name beauty products, as well as local products, AS WELL AS puppy products all in one subscription box.

What hooked me was the picture they posted where a box featured major brands I love such as Clinique, my beloved Bum Bum cream, First Aid Beauty, and Tarte!

I’m not gonna lie, this box is a little on the expensive side. But considering this is a new box (limited economies of scales) and postage rates in Canada are nauseatingly expensive, I do not regret my purchase. It was started by a local mom who had multiple subscriptions to discover the kind of products she liked and combined them all into one. I admire the courage it takes to start a business and wanted to give them a chance.

Their prices are in USD and do not include shipping. However, they do have discount codes and promos if you stalk their social media.

Ellie Mae Box Subscription:

$30.99/ box for 1 month

$28.99/ box for 3 months

$26.99/ box for 6 months


Unboxing video:




Human items

bareMinerals all over face color in warmth

Full size – $27 for 1.5g; Trial size retail value – $10.26 for 0.57g

At first I was a little shocked by the shade they sent me. My profile says light skin! For some reason I thought it was like a finishing powder where it would literally go all over your face. No amount of sun will make me thaaat tan. But it turns out it’s bareMineral’s bronzing powder! Phew! According to the bareMinerals video on Sephora, it is not a true bronzer because you can dust a little on just to give her skin a subtle, healthy glow. But like to me that’s a bronzer? This is just a really natural looking one. It’s a satin finish, so it’s not matte, yet not shimmery.

My only complaint is that the trial size container is so impractically small. This stuff is VERY pigmented so when I tried to evenly coat my brush in the powder from the lid, the powder ended up too concentrated on one spot of the brush. I can see how this shade would be a universal one, much like Benefit’s Hoola, by adjusting how much you put on, but it’s really hard to pick up just a little bit.

The one thing this shade does really well is mimic a sun-kissed effect. For me it’s so real, I look slightly sunburnt on one cheek (thanks tiny lid and giant brush!).

I’m super glad I got this because my main bronzer is Benefit’s Hoola (because who doesn’t own this?!) and it has a couple parabens in its ingredients. This bronzer has no big no-no ingredients because bareMinerals always focuses on using clean ingredients, in addition to be cruelty-free.


Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil

Full size – $110 for 30ml; Trial size retail value – $18.33 for 5ml

I haven’t gotten too into oils because unless they’re going to sink in, and dry down to a soft, non-tacky finish, I’m not gonna like it. For me, this is just not sinking into my skin. I’m reading the reviews and it looks like people with super dry skin love it. I just don’t think my skin is thirsty enough for an oil this intense. This is the oil I would go for if I was going to go skiing and wanted to protect my face from windchill. After wearing this for a few hours I felt like super greasey.


TonyMoly aloe sheet mask

Full size – $1.99 to $5 depending on retailer, available at The Bay, Urban Outfitters, Walmart

I find sheet masks too messy. I get goop all over me and then I’m just wearing wet goopy clothes. Also, I find it super hard to sit still staring at my ceiling for 20-30 minutes. Mostly because I need my glasses to see, so it’s like being totally disabled and unable to do anything for that amount of time.


Crate 61 lipbalm

Full size – $2.99

Made in Canada by a brand called Crate 61. They make organic lip balms, body balms/butters, and soaps. There is not a single objectionable ingredient in this product, which I love. No big unidentifiable names – everything in this lip balm are things you have heard of before (almond oil, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, olive oil, beeswax). Personally, I hate coconut flavor/scents so this will be an item I pass on.


Tarte maracuja concealer (sample)

I doubt anything will ever be as good as Estee Lauder’s Double Wear. I keep going back to it because it’s the best. Not even Shape Tape can measure up.


Dior J’adore eau de toilette (sample)

For me all fragrance samples are a give-away/throw-away item. 1) I’m allergic. 2) I hate most scents.


Furbaby items

Flying Hound organic treats

Full size – $12

Local dog treats from Ottawa! They are super transparent about who their suppliers are, what each ingredient does, and this company invented real pup-sicles for dogs! Popsicles for dogs! What a cool idea! You can find these local, organic treats at Ren’s Pets, Pet Valu, and Global Pet Foods.


Morty’s Bandana

Full size – $10

Alrighty, saving the best for last. I am so impressed by the quality of this bandana!! The cotton flannel is thick, plush, and looks amazing on Bloo! It fits over her collar perfectly and she has actually accepted wearing it. Tie-on bandanas are great, but Bloo gets fixated on the ties if they are too long or get loose, and tries to eat it (*face palm*).

And that’s not all! These bandanas are super affordable and made locally! “More! More! More,” I say! 😍


Overall, for this month’s box, I’m loving the puppy items more than human items. None of the human items were a particular win for me. I’m keeping 2 products for me and the 2 products for Bloo. Personally, this box didn’t provide the thrill of excellent value, but I did love the experience of opening it with Bloo. I swear, she just knows when there’s something inside a package that’s for her! I really like trial size samples of beauty/skincare products because full sized ones give me “must-finish-this-tub” anxiety. I have my staples, but I like the punctuate my routine with new things. It would take a big WOW to make me breakup with my old faithfuls and switch.




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