Today’s Mail: What I got from VIB sale!

Today’s Mail: What I got from VIB sale!

I’ve been a little obsessed with skincare lately, so I have been patiently waiting for the VIB sale before buying some more stuff.

I got this lovely Glamglow set of masks (in some wonderfully dinky packaging). I was so impressed by the sample mask I got (smelled like horse poo, worked like a miracle) that I’ve been itching to buy some more. However, this stuff is not cheap. A 15g pot of this stuff is $27 (srsly, wtf). However, online they had this set that came in different packaging and was much cheaper ($29 for 2x15g tubes). This set came down to $1 per gram, which is how much it would be if you got the value size ($99 for 100g).


I love MILK makeup stuff because everything comes in a stick, and I’m a sucker for anything that comes in a stick. Skincare in a stick? DOWN. This set was $59 which breaks down to $15 per mini stick. Ouch. The cooling water stick (the blue one) is $17 by itself, and it’s the cheaper of the products to buy full size. The other’s aren’t available in mini size, and because I can’t resist a value set of minis, this was quickly added to my bag.


Look at this stuff! Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you say my collection’s complete?

Finally, I’ve been dying for a full set of Drunk Elephant stuff. I love that they have sets of minis because I know I’d never be able to finish a full sized product before it went bad. They’re also quite pricey. However, this stuff WORKS. As much as I love feeling French and fancy with my Caudalie collection, DE’s results are real. And if you know which bundles to buy from DE, it actually works outs to be cheaper than buying the full sizes. This is a win, win situation if I ever saw one. I absolutely love the pouch that it comes in because it turns into a little caddy! Amazing for travel. My version of food porn pics on Instagram is looking at people’s skincare cabinets stocked full of DE. The aesthetics really do it for me.

I only wish the full Acid Trip kit was available in Canada. DE minis are like my Pokemon. I’m just missing the Baby Facial.

Woo! $200. Gone. But I gotta say, over the past year, my skin has never been so good.


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