This week: Hives, Ye’s Ghost Town, and still no rainbow sprinkles

This week: Hives, Ye’s Ghost Town, and still no rainbow sprinkles

Bzzzzz that’s me. Got more hives than a queen bee.

My thoughts on why I have full body hives (everywhere but my face, thank god).

  • I’m probably having an extreme reaction to the foaming agent in my new body wash. Harsh foamy soaps have been known to make my skin come off my hands. Switching to sulfate-free shampoo has made my one eczema patch on my scalp much happier. Sodium laureth sulfate is a very possible culprit.
  • My Tuesday didn’t exist because Benadryl.
  • I think I might be allergic to waking up. Hives only show up after I wake up.
  • I might be allergic to the sun.
  • I might be allergic to life.
  • It might be a virus that’s manifesting itself as hives.

Now, I write about this episode of hives because it’s like a grand metaphor for life. Sometimes we don’t know why stuff happens. And we may never know what something happened to us. But it did. And so it goes.


“The most beautiful thoughts are always inside the darkest. Just say it out loud to see how it feels.”

Kanye West’s Ghost Town is my official song of the summer. I’ve been listening to Ye on repeat lately. At first I was struck by the frankness and candidness of it. Like for the first time, I’m turning words around my brain for length of time that’s usually reserved for Taylor Swift. (Okay, judge me all you want. All Too Well is a masterpiece and if it doesn’t make you sentimental and full of feels…Whatever.) I think it’s because of how diary like the words are, that made this album a put-on-repeat kind of listen for me. The highest highs, the lowest lows, the randomness, the reflective self-awareness and gratefulness.

Anyways, Ghost Town just tickles the musical funny bone in my brain and gets stuck in my head. So there we go. After a Google, apparently I’m not the only one who was struck by this particular number.


Rainbow sprinkles and vanilla soft-serve. Try it.

This has been my dessert obsession for the past year. I don’t know what made me order it last summer. I think I saw a kid do it. And then I did. And it BLEW my mind how good it was. How simple. How perfect. How it engages multiple senses. I love the crunch, the colors, and later it’s all I crave.

I need one a week.

Today I had the crack-pie flavored soft-serve from Milk Bar. It was good (also, $6.80). The saltiness of the cornflakes pairs perfectly with the overly sweet ice cream.

But it was no vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles.


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